parent/child connection

As a parent, you’ve come to expect the unexpected—even during an everyday car ride. Relax. With SensorSafe™, now you have a real-time alert system that keeps you in the know, even when your eyes are on the road. So whether your child gets unbuckled, becomes too warm or they’ve been sitting too long, you won’t miss a beat.

How SensorSafe™ works:

When you’re focused on driving, the SensorSafe™ application stays focused on making sure your baby stays safe, happy and buckled up. If suddenly they become unbuckled or too warm, the SensorSafe smart chest clip lets you know instantly using a wireless receiver. You can even have alerts sent right to your mobile phone using our free app.

Get started:

  1. Download the free SensorSafe app
    App Store | Google Play
  2. Insert the receiver into the OBD2 port in your car
  3. Secure your child and the buckle chest clip to engage SensorSafe
  4. Relax and drive, knowing that SensorSafe is keeping an eye on your babe
  5. Reference owner’s manual for complete instructions